Don't cross the line: Respecting professional boundaries

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I just finished reading the thread about dating a botswana dating photos patient. I am not trying to Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Latest Articles Schools Conferences. Help Select June Caption Contest Winner!! Oct 12, ethics nurses dating patients by patwil Quote from heron For me, the crux of the matter is one of power.

There is an artificial patienys in the caregiving relationship that would not necessarily exist if the ethics nurses dating patients relationship wasn't there. That intimacy must happen etbics order for us to provide proper care for the patient Quote from heron The six-months-to-a-year is just a guideline Personally, Dating gym receptionist think that if the connection was that compelling, it would survive a "cooling off" period after the professional relationship ended.

It's the situations that are not so pure and honorable that are of concern here. Nurses are human, and we all have our dark side Our patients did not sign up to etuics exploited financially, emotionally, socially ethics nurses dating patients sexually As the size of the thread grows often the original point can be lost. For those reading through we are attempting to discuss the ethics of dating a "former" patient, not someone who is currently a patient. Oct 12, '08 by lpnflorida.

While I love ethical discussions, oh to be ethics nurses dating patients to afford to live the life of the great philosophers. Assuming of course I would be smart enough lol I have accepted, my belief in the principled approach of Kant in this instance. While we can argue till the cows come home that no single theory rules in each and every instance.

That is why we employ facts, assumptions, values or principles into why we do what we do. Why do I accept the principled approach in this instance? To nurees my objectivity with them. I lose my objectivity and I might throw in the hat. I would no longer be of benefit to my patient. Objectivity is lost, we are then ruled by our emotions first. I hope you are not just doing this thread for a class as opposed to a mental gymnastics.

As I have said I loved ethics classes, but sure am glad am not still in patuents. Nov 22, '09 by ohiobirds From reading these threads its very apparent that CEU'S in the nurse practice act and ethics is greatly best dating site in usa and uk. I would encourage nurses from all realms refamiliarize themselves with their nurse practice act and datig a peek at an ethics course online or else where.

You may find yourself a bit suprised at to what violations are as you find yourself going down that slippery slope. You can not date former patients, you can not date a family member of a patient, even ethics nurses dating patients appears to be an "innocent" comment that self discloses is a violation. May 1, '11 by bsveillon. Quote from racing-mom4 I think alot has to do with the scenerio that made the pt a ptSay Nurse Suzy is taking care of Patient A who just had an appy.

Pt A tells nurse Suzy he was supposed to go to the blues concert tonight but now cant, Nurse Suzy says Oh I love that blues band etc etc etc and a conversation begins, a few weeks later nurse Suzy and Patient A are now at the same bar watching the same show and Pt A buys nurse Suzy a drink and a relationship begins Or Nurse Suzy is taking care of Pt B in the Behav Health unit, had read pts Bs chart about his past relationship troubles-job trouble etc etc etc and Nurse Suzybeing a bit crazy her self lol and thinks Pt B is "hot" so she calls him after he is dismissed at home to "just talk" and see how he is doing etc etc etc and a relationship begins, well this is bad if you ask me.

I dont think this is a black and white question. Lots of grey areas!!! But good ethics nurses dating patients though!! May 1, '11 by Old. Quote from heron If we succeed in helping the pt to feel better, physically and emotionally, we have done a good job. However, this engenders normal responses in the pt. And that response does not disappear upon discharge. It is this positive emotional response that we CANNOT capitalize on to meet our own needs.

Quote from heron Nope, it's far more serious than that. It ethics nurses dating patients to do with the problem of using a professional relationship to meet one's own needs. The emotional bond established during the caregiving relationship is, almost by definition, an artificial one resulting from our professional duty to care and oatients patient's natural reaction to being cared for. It is unethical to exploit that bond to meet the professional's personal needs May 2, '11 by pedicurn.

Quote from patwil73 Thanks again for the reply. I must say I am enjoying this discussion. I might be misunderstanding you, but it seems you are arguing that since bad things can happen when you have private information about a person then you should not pursue a personal relationship. All relationships are built on personal information and when the relationship goes sour there is always the chance that you will say patiets do something which you wish you could take back.

However, just because the potential for ruin is there, it does not necessarily follow that one should not pursue a course of action. Wherever you get the information does not change the fact that it can be used well or poorly. Just ethics nurses dating patients the information should not in of itself immediately make a relationship unethical, it is how datibg use that information - at least in my opinion.

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