Why the Smartest People Have the Toughest Time Dating

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What are some positives and negatives that you have experienced with it? Do you test them when you meet them? Do you someeone a set of Rochard ink blot cards in your purse? As far as I'm concerned, I would trade a dozen brainiacs for one guy with a common sense any day. People have to be balanced Several pure intellectuals in my family. They tend to marry and be with other pure intellectuals. We are not talking someone just smart On a serious note, if he is a warm, loving, kind-hearted person that treats you right hugh cares if he's Albert Dating someone with high iq. For the most part intelligent guys I've known are cold and detached and aren't very well adjusted.

Most of the time they have a very low emotional IQ and don't make a very good partner in a relationship. Frankly, I've known tons of docs who could spell superbly - it was reading their writing that was the issue. He was a member of Mensa, and he ended up being a dork. Just because he had a high IQ didn't mean he knew anymore then anyone else about relationships The answer is depends datong how thier IQ is integrated into the rest of thier lifestyles.

I've done computer dting and slung garbage on the back of a truck in the dead of Canadian winter. Neither one makes me better than the other. And both of them have no bearing on whether or not I am a member of the international HiIQ society or Mensa or whatever club. Big difference between dating an Intellectual, and someone with a High IQ. The two are NOT even close to the same.

I'd prefer to see someone with an easy-going personality,who's caring and common sense shine through And IQ can't predict that. I have "true" intellectuals in my family scientists. I would not say they are balanced people forgetful, absent minded, scatterbrained and without dating someone with high iq check I would hate to see how they spell and punctuate. Not trying to start an arguement sienna, as I know you love that to argue and debate, but its not my cup of tea Just making my points I have a high IQ although not genuis or anything but a little higher than average and I have dyslexia and I dating someone with high iq spell worth a damm He had no clue how to even change a tire, nor did I because I'd never done it before but it was more than just common sense.

I had to actually remind him that tightening up the lug nuts was required. He was a total and complete space cadet when it came to the basics in life - I'm sure most 8 yr olds knew more somene him when it came to "real life" stuff. I found myself becoming very impatient and frustrated with the lack of common sense - such that I started to lose respect for him and I had someonf end the relationship.

I would love to date a woman with a very high IQ any type of dating someone with high iq prowess. Dating someone with high iq even googled it too. I would date a guy that thought he was that guy from Welcome Back Kotter. I look for a gal that has common sense and real life smarts, those are important. I know a super smart gal that do well in academia but is completely useless in a real world setting, and I am not someine to her.

Saturday Night Rocks Joined: The REAL question is: How does THAT person make YOU feel? Someone who flaunts their intellect for self gratification is the worst kind of bore On the other hand, there are some extremely bright people who can intuitively discern what type of person you are, simply by asking the right questions.

They can quickly build a repore with you, and in no time, you feel like you've been friends for years! That's what's so scary about an evil brainiac like Ted Bundy IQ is really too narrow of a term. Some people have fabulous artistic or musical ability, but maybe aren't that good with numbers or dry facts. Personally, I appreciate someone who has a good sense of humor, common sense, and an ability to get along well with others.

I read he wasn't good at laundry or dressing himself either As many of others have said, IQ has little to do with the type of person someone is. I have a cousin who is extremely intelligent when it comes to books, but as dumb as a bag of hammers when it comes to people. He has next to zero when it comes dating someone with high iq social skills, and no compassion what so ever. As for dating someone with a high IQ, I've found that my best relationships have been with people who could keep up to me intellectually, but to be with a pure brainiac is boring I need someone who knows how to live life, and enjoy everything that this world has to offer, the courage to take what he knows to make this a better world and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty doing it.

The latter isn't dependent on IQ. It is a fact of nature. But sex is vastly more than sensation. A woman whose mind is great will be far more capable of great sexual experience. She has a depth and breadth others do not. There is nothing wrong or bad about relationships with less intelligent people. It is that there is something missing. Having had it before, it is hard to settle without it now. As good and as fun as someone of average soomeone may be, the relationship is limited to what they may experience.

It's like the difference between knowing how to play music, and not. Two musicians will have something together that they would miss if either tried a relationship with a non-musician. Seriously, you must have an idoit magnet on you or something. Being focused in one area can make one exclude other parts of thier life. More common are lack of social interaction skills that come with focusing on intellectual pursuits.

But remember, there is a Massive difference between the skilled, the learned, and the gifted. To try to lump them together is futile. I've taught woods skills, can survive over night outside in this horrible climate over night winter survival was required for search and rescue know what to eat, and dsting.

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