The 13 Best Tinder Pick Up Lines

58 Best & Funny Chat-Up Lines That Actually Work

Have you started thinking that the more attractive a woman is on Tinder, the less likely she is to respond to your messages? Thanks to your boring conversation starter, goood things off the app is an uphill battle. Getting more quality dates with the women you want to meet comes linew to optimizing your profile ul messages to the largest degree possible. Class is in session! For a Tinder pick up line to be successful, you have to accomplish ilnes good dating pick up lines If your message fails to trigger some kind of pleasurable emotional response, your response rate will plummet.

Your icebreaker message should ask a question that entices her, excites her, or gets her imagination flowing. Making her laugh is one of lknes best ways to spark an instant connection. In fact, research shows women are hard-wired to find funny men irresistible. But keep in mind, you have to actually be funny. Not every guy can pull off humorous writing, so animated GIFs like the three examples above are a great way to make her chuckle.

Pair a funny GIF with a message ljnes ends with a question that makes it easy for her to respond. These examples will get you thinking in the right direction: Make sure to use delicious, mouth-watering words, though. Think along the lines of chocolate, wine, cheesecake… things that women tend to crave: Travel is something most women enjoy thinking about, so it makes a great icebreaker topic: Research shows that talking about yourself is inherently pleasurable.

Self-disclosure stimulates the same areas of the brain that are associated with motivation and reward, so ask her a question about her personality: Answering good dating pick up lines will make her feel good, which is a point in your favor. Women, especially the attractive ones, get bombarded with good dating pick up lines. Having something in common increases attraction, since people tend to be more comfortable with other people who remind them of themselves.

A simple calculation will make it obvious which messages are keepers, and which ones are duds. All you have to do is note how many times you send each message, and how many dating a rich ugly man it gets a response. It takes a bit of dedication to keep track of each and every time, but the data is worth it, I promise. Figuring out the response rate is simple: Use this response rate calculatoror keep track of it yourself in a simple spreadsheet.

So if these were your 11 icebreakers, you can see that 2, 3, 4, and 7 are keepers. And just as important, you know which low performers good dating pick up lines scrap. Remember, some messages work best for women in their lower 20s, and some for good dating pick up lines in their upper 20s. Channeling your inner statistician is the only way to figure out which godo will work best for you, so go ahead and get your geek on.

The results may surprise you. After all, it made my buddies chuckle. The morale of this story? Data-driven decisions are the best ones. Even the highest performing messages might not get a response every time, and the reason might have nothing to do with you. Maybe her meeting started back up, or she got sucked into a Game of Thrones episode.

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Get your free confidential consultation and meet your ideal woman as soon as next weekend! Blog Home Free Live Training Done-For-You Dating Premium Goos Get Me Dates Get Me Dates. The 13 Best Tinder Pick Up Lines To crush Tinder, you need the best Tinder pick up lines. Download our 14 best-performing Tinder conversation starters so you can ignite instant intrigue with all your matches. The Best Tinder Pick Up Lines Follow This Golden Rule For a Tinder pick up line to be successful, you have to accomplish one thing: Make her feel something.

Put a smile on her face Making her laugh is one of the best ways to spark an instant connection. Get her talking about herself Research shows that talking about yourself is inherently pleasurable.

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