would you ever date a sex offender

Women Reveal What It's Like to Be in a Relationship With a Sex Offender and Why They Stay

Need help with your relationship? Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: No name calling or insults. We don't care who started it. If you dating a convicted sex offender sample introduction letter online dating you know is involved in an abusive relationship or would like information on warning signs to watch out for, check out Ofrender Red Flag Campaign.

Tonight my mom came home from dinner with a friend and told me that my new boyfriend is registered as a sex offender friend she went to dinner with had a daughter who went to High School with him. We've only been "official" for two weeks but have known one another since September. After looking up his record online all i know is that it was a non violent offense that dating a convicted sex offender when he was 19 and involved a minor.

I get that people have sex under the age of 18 so from what I know I don't think it was something to be too entirely worried about. Still, I odfender bothered none the less. I would really like to have an open dating a convicted sex offender honest discussion with him letting him know that I am aware, and to give him a chance to explain himself…ideally ld like to do this soon…however, he is coming over to meet my family next weekend and I don't want things to be uncomfortable for him in an already nerve racking situation.

I'm sure he's not unaware that he's a registered sex offender or that women he's dating may find that out about him. It's probably hanging over his head that you'll find out eventually, so you might make him uncomfortable bringing it up, but it'll probably be a relief in the longer-term. Just tell him what you said here, your mom happened to have a friend whose daughter knew him in high school, and you heard this story about him.

Don't let your feelings for him allow you to ignore actual red flags. Don't keep dating him if he was doing something that you'd be angry if it happened to your little sister with a year-old man. Being registered, he may feel pretty bad about having that on his record and still be unsure on telling you just yet. However, he should at least intend on telling you at some point, because that can be serious to keep hidden.

Odds are he was probably seeing someone who wasn't quite within the AoC. State laws can be fickle in this area of matters, and it could have been dating a convicted sex offender most innocent thing and he'd still end up with a record. I had my fair share of interaction with law on this, and it's like being thrown into a lion's den regardless of what actually happened, or intent from either party. His court records show it was a misdemeanor so in my gut I feel that it was just him having a girlfriend under the age of happens ALL the time in HS.

It just sucks that this is the vernacular they use on his record, I hate that even if his crime is as small as sex with his under 18yo girlfriend he will be grouped with the entire sex offender population. They don't even separate offenders from the predators on the lists even though they are separate official labels. Dating a convicted sex offender it was actual penetrating sex with a minor it would be a felony, if it was child porn it would be a felony.

This wouldn't make me have even the slightest hesitation in continuing to date him. A 19 year old with a 16 year old is not at all weird IMO. The conviction should be part of the public record. Pay the dollars to get dating a convicted sex offender actual paperwork dating a convicted sex offender the court. I know people who have lied saying that they dated someone 3 years younger. When they actually forced an 8 yr old touch their privates.

I totally agree dating a convicted sex offender you that it will probably be a relief to him to have it out on the table…just not sure if I should mention it before introducing him to my family. I'd like to add to it and say that when it comes to relationships honesty really is the best policy for these kinds of situations. Take into account where you ask him about offemder.

Try not to pick somewhere isolated and away from people, just to be safe? You should do offendet own fating on him check offfender his story matches what you find online. It is important that he is not lying or omitting some of the truth as well. It would suck to find out the complete story later. It could be something like donvicted had a 17 year old girlfriend and her parents called the cops or something.

Which let's be honest isn't that big of deal. I mean, my mom knows but were both choosing not to pass any judgments right now. She won't be telling anyone else in the family and I trust her when she says that. Bam - possession of child dating a convicted sex offender. You can ask him, but you'll get a sympathetic story no matter if he's a monster or victim. Sadly, assuming the best and he is the victim of over-prosecution, you may want to reconsider your relationship with him.

He's never going to be able to get a decent or even basic job with that hanging over his head. His life is basically ruined and that sucks. He probably hasn't told you because he's enjoying a small offendder rare slice of normal life. But a two week relationship does not mean you should stick around. That and where he is allowed to live. Gotta stay away from schools etc. Why hassle yourself datiny you can just nip it in the bud before you get attached.

The fact he hasn't brought it up is a red flag. I can't stand people that try to get you really involved before breaking news like this to you, or worse hiding it. It's been two weeks. It's probably a bit fair to not bring something up like that for the first few dates. It's just barely offwnder overdue now. But if he has a reasonable conversation about it now, at this point I'm of the opinion that being a registered sex offender is not something you sit on as that is an absolute deal breaker for most people.

The only reason not to tell them is hoping you can get on their good side before you dating a convicted sex offender them. In my line of work there is no way I could have a person like this convictwd a SO. If the OP is willing to overlook that's her choice, but it's a gamble. She keeps thinking it is just an older guy with a barely younger gf, but it could be as bad as touching a child inappropriately and still only be a misdemeanor.

Need more info really. Daying curious what people think. When is a good time to tell someone you are dating that you have this in your record?

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