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January 24, By Sammi 92 Comments. If anyone ever told you that living abroad in Costa Rica, or anywhere for that matter would be a magical, fairy tale paradisaical experience, take it lightly. Yes, living in Costa Rica is awesome, especially being at the beach. However, when moving abroad you have to come with an open mind and open heart and be willing to be tested and put in tough situations at times. At first, we had planned to live in San Isidro de Heredia but things changed and two weeks later we were at the beach.

I kind of expected the same when I moved here. Since Coco is such a touristic area, many of the Costa Ricans speak English. And they love to speak English to you once they know you do! I buckled down and did my research. Instead of enrolling in classes, I looked up apps and software that expat dating in costa rica helped me learn. So my experiences with language barriers have all been ugly. Imagine my surprise when I first moved down and how incredibly nice people were when I did try to practice my Spanish with them.

Nobody ever made fun of me, nobody ever told me to go back home. Instead expat dating in costa rica patiently listened, gently corrected my mistakes and when I said the few words I knew, you could tell they greatly appreciated the effort. Another example of their kindness. One of my friends and her husband were driving in the middle of the countryside.

Their car broke down, they had no cell phone and it was getting dark. A truck full of teenage boys pulled up beside them and instead of taking advantage of their vulnerability, they helped them push their car to the next town and let them borrow their phone. You would think that every expat: American, British, Italian, Russian, whoever, would have the same mindset when they expat dating in costa rica here. We want to live in a peaceful country, to escape the rat race and the gossip and to just live simpler and happier.

Coco is a very small town and a small community where everybody knows each others business or they deliberately pry into each others personal life. For some reason, some expats here still like to stir up drama. Some really are here to live a different life, some are here to live their same life just by the beach. The second time I visited Costa Rica we went to Limon and Yeison pointed out many Chinese communities to me. In San Jose, we met lots of Taiwanese people which I was pretty surprised about.

To be honest, I never thought of Costa Rica being one of the more popular places for people to move to. But expat dating in costa rica reality, it is. I learned that Costa Rica has always been a popular country for people to immigrate to, especially from Asia and the Caribbean islands due to the huge appeal of the ability to make a new life and good money in the city. Costa Rica filipina dating uk a large melting pot.

You can find people from all over the world — heck Yeison is half Korean half Costa Rican! Just all sorts expat dating in costa rica diverse people. None of this Asian-American, African-American stuff. It probably helped that I visited quite a few times before I moved here so I had an idea of what things were like. Living at the beach helped a lot too for sure. You always had a great central place to go to meet people, always had somewhere to go and something to do.

Besides the language, the rest of the culture shock was not as intense as I thought it would be. I remember the first time I went to Taiwan, the culture shock was so expat dating in costa rica I almost went home the second how to tell if you are officially dating. As an 18 year old who barely even explored her own hometown, it was a huge change. This time, I already had amazing support and experience which was more than anything I could ever ask for!

I suggest everybody to go international for a little bit! If you enjoyed this post you might like my other living in Costa Rica as an expat stories! Things I had to get used to living in Costa Rica. What I wish I knew before moving to Costa Rica. May 22, at 7: The beginning of your venture spoke about how kind and caring everyone was when you tried speaking Spanish.

Then not so kind in the states when situation was reversed. It may be because thousands and thousands of English speaking people have not yet overrun them and taken their jobs. It may happen if too many Ex-pats happen to head that way. May 23, at True — because of all the North American foreigners in CR it has become greatly Westernized and the locals have come to expect foreigners not to try to speak their language despite living there for many years which is the situation for lots of retirees to be honest in CR.

April 26, at 9: You can drink the tap water in most places in Costa Rica — I wrote a post about it here: Costa Rica tap water safe to drink. March 21, at 9: I visited many times before moving down and making sure that I wanted to be with Yeison ha ha. Hi Sammi — great article. I visited CR for the first time in Feb, and I met someone down there and recently went back to visit for a few days.

Not too sure, but I wanted to see if you knew much about work visas, job searching for someone who currently only speaks English, difficulty on finding an apartment or a condo to purchase, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated! March 4, at 4: Hi Jamie, you can read this post about the healthcare system in COsta Rica: Seeing a doctor in Costa Rica as a foreigner. If you are retired, many retirees apply for a retiree residency in Costa Rica which allows them access to the healthcare this is why there are so many retirees in Costa Rica, they move down to take advantage of the healthcare system in CR since the USA is too expensive and Canada takes too long.

There are many private clinics and hospitals or you can go public. Hello Sammi, My husband and i are thinking of an adventure now that we are closing in on retirement. I, however, am worried about the medical part of living out of the US. I am diabetic and worry about getting the meds and the medical care I need. I know that Medicare would not be possible so how does it work? March 3, at 8: These are pretty local towns, not super touristic or have a lot of expats.

Most expats who choose to live in a town instead of on the coast like Grecia or San Ramon.

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