BASTARZ share thoughts on dating + U-Kwon talks about his girlfriend

Block B Ukwon announces break up with his girlfriend

About Kim Yukwon dating Even if it's long, please read all of it. First of all, I joined the fandom between 'Tell Them' promotions and season 1 of 'Match Up' I never thought I'd ever write a post like is u kwon still dating but I'm writing it out of curiosity of whether other fans feel this way too. As all BBCs know, Yukwon quit Stipl after that Recently, however, I began noticing that his Twitter's changed I'm so, so kaon to everyone who likes me, to our bees. I am made of the people who like me.

As always, thank you. Thank you for stilll me with a day Is u kwon still dating never forget for the rest of my life. Be careful on your way home, everyone! At fan signings, is u kwon still dating artists normally write To. Name with a heart, U-Kwon's the only one who stilll a circle, square, triangle, or star. He never draws a heart no matter how much you ask.

U-Kwon doesn't talk to is u kwon still dating much at fan signings other than the usual hello, what's your name? He has no interest in fans at all. Hasn't he seen how much failure the other idols who treated their fans like shit had to deal with? Judging by his actions, he is. I feel so bad for his fans 5. If you compare his Twitter or Instagram from early debut to now, it's a mess. He used to be so good to fans but now he ignores them and it was only until recently when they gained a lot more fans that he's been pretending to do some fanservice.

No one cares what he does with his girlfriend if he's a solo but he's ruining the popularity his other members worked to death to earn, is u kwon still dating tsk 7. He never draws a circle no matter how much you ask. LOL heart and circle spelling is very differrnt. What's scarier than anti fan is a fan who turns against you And I actually liked him before too. Well my views have changed completely. One of the example is Taeyeon's dating news.

Why is it so hard to please fans with simple request? Nobody forces idols to be in entertainment now right? Well, that's pretty fxcked up Like most BBC already accepted that he's in a relationship and as far as I know they don't really care much. U Kwon really disappointed me. Please don't treat the fans like shit as they support you. You can't please everyone I don't think the real fans really turned on her.

So, his SNS isn't kaon his fans. There is no rule it has to be. He is using it as his personal space, posting is u kwon still dating same stuff anyone else his age is eating on their accounts. Fans just have to learn to accept that not everything is about them. I am more than grateful that my fav idol group does not have SNS account. Instead of asking him to draw a circle they should ask him about the size of his chorizo. Failing to ask the important questions Sigh the u know we know OMG it was unintended I swear will never do this to fans hahaha.

I feel so bad for his fans I would have been lightest salty IG I was that fan though. Like why you lying? He's been in a relationship for years already and this is the way he's always been, why hate him now? I originally read the as "U-Know" and was huh? Worst of all some ifans believed that rumor so yeah Actually, he already live with best gay dating apps iphone girlfriend and doesn't live with other member anymore. Zico's wardrobe stunt was more out of ignorance than racism.

It was really stupid but let's just call it for what it is. I've been a BBC since Tell Them too and a U-kwon stan, and datijg most of the BBCs I know are just thankful we're able to see his SNS? After so many years of absolutely nothing, it's nice to even see him doing things at all, even nicer when he shows that he's very happy with Sunhye. We've already accepted her and their relationship. He does some fanservice, but he's also just letting BBC see a little bit of his personal life and how much he's enjoying it.

Personally, I'm just happy to see my fave live happily. I don't follow Block B but if his attitude is really as describe towards his fans, i just think it's just not datlng to fans. They're the ones supporting you and they just want one little piece of validation that he is grateful that they're there by his side or that he recognizes their existence.

I'm not he should go all "HEART HEART HEART ILY" to his fans but a little show of affection goes a long way. Lbr, you're only monitoring the comments because you're a BBC. That was a big controversy at the end ofhe got tons of is u kwon still dating from BBC and deleted all his SNS accounts and started being withdrawn like this.

The fan herself apologized for getting angry about it but he'd already deleted everything:. I don't care about the antis,I will still like Taeyeon after all these scandals. If you don't like what she posts you can go somewhere else tho?? There are plenty of other sites translating comments now, its easy to leave NB. It's disappointing and rude how he treats his fans but i don't see a problem with him being dedicated to his girlfriend.

I feel so bad for his fans If this is true and I were this fan, I would instantly turn into an anti. I always don't understand people who give gifts they get from another person to somebody else. It is rude and gifts are supposed to be the reminder of the giver. Maybe it is different for celebrities since they don't know the givers personally. However, I still find it wrong to give to your friends, especially your gf. If he doesn't want the gift, he can sell it and donate to charity organization us something.

PLUS he denied and said he bought similar one. And ehy is he doing this? What is wrong with drawing a simple heart to your kqon Afterall, without fans, he'll be nothing. Is he trying to drag other member with his selfishness? So wtill conversations were actually fake? Sorry I don't really follow SNSD much now hence I don't know anything. It's okay to have a girlfriend. But what he has done to his fans are just wrong.

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