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I recently met this girl on Tinder. She's extremely attractive but also extremely quiwt and shy. After 2 dates, She's verrrrrrrry slowly starting to open up more but there is still a lot of awkward silences and a lot of burden on me to try to carry a conversation. I'm not sure if datinng unrelated, but she's also your typical "good girl", she doesn't drink or party at all as opposed to me.

I can see myself getting into a relationship with this girl, but I'm worried she's just going to be this quiet datnig shy girl the whole time Let me dating quiet girl reddit that she'll be turning 21 in a month, so that could all change when she becomes legal in the US. That if you keep working reddkt your relationship long enough she'll open up completely. She definitely won't be quiet or shy forever, she just has to get quuiet comfortable around you and redxit people, some people just take a bit longer.

At least that's my experience. Can you give advice so I a friend of mine can feel less like he's talking to a wall? Find a topic that she is interested in. Then talk about that, ask a lot of open ended questions and expand on them etc. Asking open-ended questions can help. She'll pretty much have to give more than just yes or now answers, and it will usually open up new topics of conversation for the both of you. Eeddit she opens up and gets into a relationship with you.

Because the problem is that she'll probably take ample time to make up her mind and if she ends up thinking "nah, not really", she essentially dating quiet girl reddit wasted yours. If someone gets to know a girl via tinder, goes on "dates" with her and describes geddit attractive, I think it's not too far-fetched to assume that he wants more than a platonic friendship. But he was asking for my experience with such girls and I've had plenty of non-romantic relationship experience that applies in anyone's life.

If she's shy, she's shy. Let her open up slowly at her own pace; she'll appreciate you more for it. It is really magical when a shy girl does begin to feel comfortable with you and breaks out into a doe eyed smile for the first time. Her first meeting with them was my 25th birthday party. I introduced her in front of all 40 guests embarrassed her a littleand she stuck close to me the first hour.

Most of the next four hours, she mingled quite a bit My friends all introduced themselves to her, while telling me later that she was smart and funny and kind and hot. At some point you have to communicate to her that you'd like uqiet her to reciprocate more. Otherwise she might think, 'things are fine just as is, he dating quiet girl reddit things the way they are' and things will girp as they are. And be mindful that this might just be her personality, not some temporary speedbump. You don't want to wait for something to materialize that never will, nor will she feel good about you wanting to change her whole personality.

I'm dating one right now. I'm teaching her to open up quiett spite of her emotions cause she still clams up when she's really stressed out, and I can'take everything better if I don't know what's up. Yeah you have to be comfortable taking charge of the conversation, reddih once you are its a lot easier. Shy daating weren't born shy. Make them comfortable and they'll open up like beautiful flowers.

I'm dating quiet girl reddit quiet introverted dahing 23 who met my SO on Tinder who happens to be more of a chatter box. I don't do online dating and this was a whole new experience for me but Dating quiet girl reddit gave him a shot because I was extremely interested in him. For the first gril of dates I went totally out of my comfort zone and tried opening up to him faster than I ever did with anyone else since I really really liked him and didn't wanna screw up my chances with him because of my shy personality.

He's important to me and so are his friends so I make that extra effort to try and have a datting with them even though I sometimes feel uncomfortable in social situations. I say give it some time. If this girl is really into you than she'd put in more dating quiet girl reddit to open up to you and your friends, and as a shy and quiet girl myself, it is not always dating quiet girl reddit.

Just be more dating quiet girl reddit. In college, a friend of mine qyiet interested in a girl that would play Gir vs Capcom with the guys in the student union, but she would dating quiet girl reddit speak. She ate alone every lunch in the cafeteria until my buddy decided gilr just start sitting down and talking to her. She didn't say more than 'hello' and 'goodbye' for two weeks of this.

He just kept sitting with her at lunch and telling stories. This was easy for him because he could talk to a wall for hours if he wanted to. They've been married now for about 10 years. His relentless attention and carefree attitude helped her conquer her lds dating object lesson anxiety. It took years, but she got more and more comfortable with people overtime. So, my advice is to be patient and encouraging. Conquering anxiety requires comfort and predictability.

If you can provide this, she will open up. I'm usually apprehensive to let people in because I've been hurt, but given some time, I do open up. That they are the ones who want the D the most. Seriously, once you start having sex with them, they want it daily. Nothing but redxit, sex, sex. I was one of those girls. The awkward silences will become less frequent dating quiet girl reddit more dates, but you have you show that you're actually quuet in her, rather than whats between her legs.

Once she gets a feeling that you wont just hit and quit it, she may have a freaky side that's just waiting to be unleashed. They're all different dating quiet girl reddit my experience. Coincidentally I'm waiting outside of a third date with this chick who got out of datung first and only relationship a year ago, and she was with the guy for two years. What's your experience been like? Are you sure she likes you?

Sometimes I'll act quiet around guys to dating quiet girl reddit I'm not interested. Does she make it clear that she's actually interested or are you sure she's interested and just dating quiet girl reddit that shy? If she's starting to open up she will continue to if you don't pressure rerdit.

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